About Us

The network expects members to respect the space and each other by practicing full disclosure. Complete honesty about all aspects relevant to milksharing allows all people involved to make truly informed choices. The online medium carries its own set of risks; participants need to fully analyse these risks and make conscious decisions. It is up to the participants to get to know each other, to ask questions, and to continue talking and engaging with one another until a relationship of trust is established. HM4HB does not assume any responsibility for the outcomes of milksharing. Our volunteers do not arrange milk-matches nor mediate conflicts.

HM4HB respects and accepts the choices that families have made for themselves. We don’t question the reasons why families seek breastmilk and we don’t prioritise requests and/or offers. We hope that all babies and children in need receive human milk, regardless of age, health, or personal circumstance. We come from a range of family, social, cultural, and religious backgrounds and we embrace diversity.

HM4HB is a global network comprising thousands of people from around the world. In order to respect the individuality of all of our members, and to be relevant to all cultures and languages, our internal decision-making process is led by consensus, respect, and collaboration. We strive for effective communication, accountability, and transparency.


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